Health: Sugar, Stevia and other Sweeteners

Why we don’t use Sugar

We believe there is an increasing number of people who either cannot have sugar or simply want to minimize sugar in their daily eating. We are committed to producing chocolate that promotes healthy pleasure while tasting wonderful. Read more about our philosophy

It's amazing how beneficial chocolate can become when you cut out the sugar, dairy and other fillers. You're left with a health food!

Even a little bit of sugar (in any form) can trigger undesired reactions and cravings. By substituting plant-based stevia, you get the enjoyment of a sweet treat without the problems associated with sugar. The chocolate we make can be a healthy option if you’re on a detox, special diet, or simply looking to eat less sugar!

Why we don’t use Erythritol, Xylitol or Maltitol

Lydia found in her experience that Erythritol, Xylitol and other sugar alcohols caused digestive problems, so she has kept them out of the chocolate. You may have noticed other "stevia sweetened" chocolate bars use these ingredients in an attempt to recreate the taste of a traditional sugar chocolate. We've decided to create something different.

Read about Stevia

We’ve gathered some links for you to read more about Stevia if you’re curious about this natural sweetener. These are off-site resources and we don’t have any connection to the publishers.

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