Why we use only stevia in our chocolate

Stevia leavesYou might have noticed that ALL of our chocolate has only one ingredient as the sweetener. Stevia.

When you choose a yummy Pure Love Chocolate flavor, you can feel confident that it has no added sugar and no trendy sweeteners (that often cause digestive problems or blood sugar spikes!).

Is stevia a trendy sweetener? We don't think so. When you look at the history, it has a long track record. Folks have been using stevia extracts in Japan for decades where it's been well studied. The use of stevia as a natural sweetener traces back hundreds of years to the natives of Paraguay.

One of the reasons Lydia started our chocolate business was because all of the sugar-free options on the market at the time included Erythritol or some other undesirable sweetener in addition to stevia. It's curious that many chocolate bars on the shelves today claim to be "sweetened with stevia" yet list Erythritol above stevia on the ingredient list.

It's true, the taste of stevia can be difficult to get right. It's one of those sweeteners that demands fine balance and moderation. Use too much and it's going to taste weird: It's not like sugar where you can just keep pouring it on and have it taste amazing. Stevia requires a special touch, and it's not for everyone. It's not going to taste exactly like the candy you're used to.

Going sugar free is a wonderful creative constraint. It encourages some real creativity in the kitchen and lets other flavors take center stage. In traditional desserts, sugar usually ends up grabbing the spotlight, sending you on quite a ride, but then leaving you feeling like you need more of it. In our experience, it's difficult to feel fully satisfied when you're eating something with sugar. Getting on The Sugar Train, we like to call it.

We receive a "paycheck for the soul" every time we talk with a customer who tells us that our chocolate is exactly what they've been looking for. The huge amounts of time and energy we put into this company come back multiplied in the reward of appreciation from others.

Thanks to all of our customers who keep encouraging us to do what we're doing!

–Sean & Lydia

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