We keep it simple and only use pure Stevia.

If you're choosing to avoid sugar and sugar alcohols, we make a unique dark chocolate that can be a great tool for your healing journey. Continue reading

Stevia sweeteneed dark chocolate: Hawaiian Sea Salt Shell meltaways

Low Carb, Keto & Vegan

Pure Love Chocolate is sugar free, soy free, grain free and dairy free dark chocolate that doesn't contain sugar alcohols like Erythritol. We're passionate about offering a unique candy/sweets alternative that's compatible with even the most sensitive diets!

We use only pure stevia extract without sugar alcohols or fillers

Lydia found in her experience that Erythritol, other sugar alcohols and additives caused digestive problems, so she has made sure they stay out of the chocolate. More about our philosophy

Highest Quality

The decisions about the food we take into our bodies are so important. Our cocoa beans and cocoa butter are certified organic and ethically sourced. We only use ingredients we feel good about eating ourselves. And yes...we do eat a lot of our own chocolate!

Stevia leaves
We use a pure stevia extract that does not container fillers

What people are saying

Many of our customers are involved in healing — including doctors, nutritionists and everyday people who are looking for a very clean ingredient label

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