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Lydia in the kitchen with stevia almond butter cupsWe are a small chocolate company that's passionate about helping people go sugar free, joyfully and naturally. As we all get healthier, we can do more good in the world and be kinder to one another!

How did this all begin? Founder Lydia Love began having persistent allergic reactions to all sugars (including fruit), which led her on a search for a tasty treat she could still eat. It's hard giving up candy and other sweets! After not finding any options free of sugar alcohols (Erythritol, Xylitol, etc), Lydia began experimenting in her kitchen, working with cocoa, stevia, coconut oil and organic flavorings she felt good about using. In 2011 she began selling her newly developed stevia treats. Read Lydia's story in her words

Sean eating chocolate in Port Townsend

Where's it going? When Lydia met Sean Bonsell, the two became fast friends and united in their mutual passion for health and service to the community to create Pure Love Chocolate. Sean had been dealing with similar health challenges and felt strongly about the chocolate's purpose. With Sean bringing fresh creative energy and computer skills into the mix, Lydia was excited to begin expanding the business into what it is today.

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Sweetness: This is lightly sweetened dark chocolate with its own unique personality and flavor profile. It doesn't taste like milk chocolate or traditional sugar chocolate/candy.

Stevia: You do need to be used to stevia (sometimes it's an acquired taste) to enjoy our chocolate since it is the only sweetener we use across our full range of flavors. The stevia extract used is the best tasting we've been able to find and we use it every day in our own lives as a sugar substitute (in tea, yogurt, smoothies etc).

Texture: Rich and smooth. Some of our chocolates use organic coconut oil making them melt in your mouth quicker.

Everyone has a different sense of taste so we can't guarantee you'll like our chocolate but we sure hope you do! We have a mini sampler pack with free shipping that can help you make sure you like the flavor before placing a large order.

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Customer Reviews

Perfect. Just what I need for a bite of dark chocolate that keeps me feeling great because there is no sugar rush-crash.

Website customer: Mariana T.

Awesome texture! The chocolate bars are very fresh and pure. You must like a darker chocolate flavor. Beautifully packaged. Thank you!

Etsy customer: joyzesiger

I gifted these to a friend who had to go on a sugar free diet for the first time for health reasons. An avid dark chocolate aficionado she just phoned to let me know that she is half way in to her second bar of the salted almond. Chocolate is excellent. I am sure that I will back for more, thanks again.

Etsy customer: sheriberyl

So happy to find a sugar-free chocolate made with Stevia. No GI issues! Got this as a gift for a diabetic.

Etsy customer: Natalie

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