Single Buttercup Sampler 5-pack (Free Shipping)

Try each of our buttercups in this yummy sample pack with free shipping. Get five cups in a lovely chocolate stash bag.

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May-September: Only available upon special request (see below)

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During May-September: This item is listed as "out of stock" because it is highly sensitive to warm temperatures and may melt in transit. It's only available upon request, and if your temperature (and ours) is below 75 degrees at time of shipment.

To order buttercups now: Write your request for quantities in the order notes along with your normal chocolate order. If we're able to ship the buttercups you requested, we'll contact you shortly before your order ships with an invoice for the additional cost. We'll protect the cups to the best of our ability but can't guarantee that they'll arrive in perfect condition! Thank you :)

This sampler includes the following (lightly) stevia sweetened, ketogenic, diabetic friendly treats (that also happen to be dairy and soy free, without sugar or sugar alcohols, to be exact):

All treats in this sampler happen to be our full size cups, individually wrapped and easy to share with friends and family. Or just as easy to squirrel away for your own self-care needs! Everyone should have access to healthy, nourishing treats.

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