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(Not available during the summer due to melt issues in hot weather) Try a variety of flavors with Free Shipping! Discover the ones you like and share with friends & family. Free of Erythritol, made with organic ingredients and pure stevia extract.

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This is all handmade gourmet dark chocolate from ethically sourced organic cocoa beans, organic cocoa butter, and the natural sweetener Stevia. Poured & packaged by hand in small batches. Simple ingredients with zero sugar added, and absolutely no Erythritol, soy, dairy, or gluten/grains.

Our chocolate can be a wonderful option for those on keto, low carb or candida reduction diets. And all of these chocolates are Vegan!

You get one “mini bar” of each of these 10 flavors (Rich 85% Dark Chocolate with the exception of Dark Mylk at 77%)

You also get one piece of each of these 4 “meltaway” flavors (Smooth 77% Dark Chocolate)

This makes a great gift because the chocolate comes in a lovely fabric “treat bag” with the Pure Love Chocolate logo printed on it, and a fridge magnet that says Love Yourself. Eat Good Food.™

(Note: We cannot customize this sampler pack, sorry!)

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For ingredients and nutrition facts labels, please visit the page for each chocolate bar or meltaway flavor

Each chocolate “mini bar” is individually wrapped, includes a nutrition facts label, ingredient list and weighs about 0.41oz breaking into 3 pieces.

Each chocolate “meltaway” is an individually wrapped single piece, includes ingredient list, but does not include a nutrition facts label due to space constraints.

All ingredients are ethically sourced and Non-GMO
Made on shared equipment with tree nuts, milk.

We do not use any sugar alcohol sweeteners. Because Lydia had to cut sugar out of her diet, she experimented with recipes and created this purely stevia sweetened chocolate. Lydia found that sugar alcohols upset her stomach, so all of our chocolate does not include Erythritol, Xylitol or Maltitol.

Sweetness: This is lightly sweetened dark chocolate with its own unique personality and flavor profile. It doesn’t taste like milk chocolate or traditional sugar chocolate/candy.

You do need to be used to stevia (sometimes it’s an acquired taste) to enjoy our chocolate since it is the only sweetener we use across our full range of flavors. The stevia extract used is the best tasting we’ve been able to find and we use it every day in our own lives as a sugar substitute (in tea, yogurt etc).

Texture: Rich and smooth.

Everyone has different tastes so we can’t guarantee you’ll like our chocolate but we hope you do!

We’re honored to make delicious chocolate in support of your nutrition choices. As we all get healthier, we can all do more in the world and be kinder to one another!

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