We are open & shipping orders each Tuesday and Friday. Read about the Current safety measures we're using

Latest COVID-19 Information

Updated November 15, 2020


The US Postal Service has informed us that all Priority Mail packages could be delayed one day beyond the usual transit time. Packages that used to take 2 days now could take 3 days, and packages that used to take 3 days now could take 4. We have updated the transit times on our website to reflect this. Thanks for your patience and we will update the transit times as soon as we hear they go back to normal.

In these times, especially, we know our customers still need their chocolate!

We are doing everything possible to plan, stay calm and continue to ship your chocolate via US Priority Mail. As long as the post offices are open, we plan to stay open. As a small business, we are so grateful for every single customer.

  • Our online shop is open and we plan to stay open
  • Order shipping times have not been impacted
  • We have chocolate in stock and continue to produce more

Steps we're taking

As a certified food producer in the state of Oregon, we follow all of the guidelines set forth by the Oregon Department of Agriculture.

We are also closely watching and following the guidance available on the Oregon Health Authority web page.

At this time we are:

  • Ensuring we practice social distancing at all times
  • Following the guidance available from state and federal health authorities
  • Doing a daily sanitize of all common areas, equipment, door knobs and sink fixtures
  • Making sure any person who is sick does not work
  • Continuing to change into fresh clothes when entering our commercial kitchen space
  • Continuing to frequently wash hands and use gloves for any contact with food or packaging

Since Pure Love Chocolate is only two people (Lydia & Sean), we are easily able to avoid contact with other people. In the past we have often called ourselves "Chocolate Monks" due to the isolated nature of our work life. We feel fortunate this new set of requirements is not difficult for us to meet.


If you have any further questions about how we are complying with the current safety guidance, please feel free to contact us at orders@purelovechocolate.com

Please stay safe, and we'll all get through this together.