How long before orders ship out?

We ship orders every Tuesday unless otherwise noted.

Our shipping cutoff time is currently: Friday night at 11:59pm Pacific Time

Orders placed before the cutoff ship Tuesday

If you order after the cutoff, your order ships the following week on Tuesday.

Has it been a while and you haven't heard from us? Please call or email. If you did not receive an order confirmation email, we may not have received your order.

Shipping methods and pricing through September

We use USPS Priority Mail (1-3 day shipping with emailed tracking link)

  • All weather: $14.50 Flat Rate Shipping with Cold Packs and Insulated Box Liner*
  • Or with signature required service: $16.50 (so your package is not left at doorstep or in mailbox)

*If we decide based on our weather and yours, that cold packs are not needed, we will refund part of your shipping and send you a note about it!

If your weather is above 85 degrees, we may have to cancel and fully refund your order because the melt risk will be too high.

We do our best to protect your chocolate from heat but this only works if your package is not left outside for any length of time.

Once your order ships out, you'll get a handy email from us with a tracking link. Please follow that link and sign up for USPS notifications so you know when your package is going to be delivered. We can't be responsible for melted chocolate so please track your package carefully and let us know if you need any help.

What about shipping outside the USA?

Unfortunately at this time we do not ship internationally. Sorry!

Canada: Sign up to get notified the moment we begin taking Canada orders.

Other countries: Sign up for our email newsletter to get notified when we add other countries in the future.

Return Policy

Since this is a food product, we do not accept returns. We are a small company with limited resources, so we cannot offer refunds. However, if you are not happy for any reason please let us know about it by contacting us or taking our survey.

Unsure about whether you will like our chocolate? We offer an affordable mini bar sampler pack that lets you try all 11 flavors of our stevia dark chocolate so you can decide before ordering more.

Missing Package Policy

We cannot refund your order if your package is stolen from your doorstep after it is successfully delivered based on USPS tracking info. It's very rare that this happens, but very sad when it does! Please watch your tracking information to make sure your package is not sitting out where someone could steal it.

If you have specific concerns about your package being stolen, please tell us in the order notes and we'll work with you to create a safer way for you to receive your package! You can also leave carrier notes for us to include, or request hold for pickup or signature required service for a small fee.