Due to the summer heat we are on a limited shipping schedule until September - Read more

Timing of shipments

We are currently shipping orders on a limited Summer schedule
You'll see an estimated chocolate arrival date range on the product detail pages, and at checkout. You will also be reminded of it your order confirmation email.
Orders typically arrive on a Thursday or Friday, but could experience delays due to COVID (with the exception of UPS Overnight, which is guaranteed).

If you'd like to try the chocolate when the weather cools down and we're shipping every week, you can sign up to get a one-time reminder here

Limited Summer Shipping Schedule
Packages shipped out on these dates

Tuesday August 10th

Regular weekly shipping resumes on Tuesday September 14th

WARM WEATHER INFO: Please make sure someone can be home to receive the package immediately. Chocolate can melt easily if left in a mailbox, or outside in hot weather (even in the shade!). If you have concerns about melting, select UPS Overnight shipping for best results.

Questions about shipping? Call or text us at (541) 234-5760, email orders@purelovechocolate.com or use the chat button in the bottom right corner.

Current shipping options

We ship to USA addresses only, using USPS Priority Mail or UPS.

Due to COVID, UPS Overnight is the only shipping option that is guaranteed for transit time. Other shipping methods are not guaranteed and could experience delays beyond our control (most deliveries are on time, but it's impossible to know when or where delays could occur). During hot weather, any delay could cause chocolate to melt, so we want to make sure you're aware of the risk.

Cool weatherNo box liner, for temperatures below 72 degrees
offered Fall through Spring only
USPS Priority Mail
Heat reflective insulated box liner + cold pack(s) via USPS 2-4 Day
*Subject to potential delays and increased melt risk
UPS 2-Day Air
Heat reflective insulated box liner + cold packs via UPS 2-Day Air
*Subject to potential delays and increased melt risk
UPS Overnight
Heat reflective insulated box liner + cold packs via UPS 1-Day Air
*Guaranteed transit time and much lower melt risk
Free shippingWhen you order $99 or more in products (Applies to USPS Priority Mail only) Be confident you will enjoy our chocolate since we do not offer refundsFREE

Want to wait?

If you'd like to try the chocolate when the weather cools down and shipping is less expensive, you can sign up to get a one-time reminder here

Melt risk

Please understand that even with cold packs, your order could still melt if your temperatures are high, due to factors beyond our control (temperature inside of mail trucks, unexpected mail delays etc). You can help decrease the risk of melting by making sure your package is not left outside in warm weather for any length of time. Hopefully this doesn't happen, but...If your box arrives warm to the touch, place it in a fridge or freezer for a couple of hours to help the chocolate re-form. While this is not ideal by any means, the chocolate will still be edible!

Follow your tracking info carefully

Once your order ships you'll get an email from us with a tracking link. Please keep an eye on your tracking info so you know what day your package is going to be delivered. Important Note for Warm Weather: We can't be responsible for melted chocolate (and it's very sad when it happens) so please track your package carefully. We want your chocolate to arrive in perfect shape (and we'll be visualizing this for you).

USPS Priority Mail Transit times

Due to possible COVID related delivery delays, please understand this is only an estimate

Transit times for USPS Priority Mail from Eugene, OR

What about shipping outside the USA?

Unfortunately at this time we do not ship internationally and cannot make exceptions. Sorry! We hope to be able to serve you in the future.

Canada: Sign up to get notified if we begin shipping to Canada in the future.

All other countries: Sign up to get notified if we ship to other countries in the future.

By signing up to the lists above you will only get future emails about international availability of our chocolate. We will not send any unrelated emails or share your email address for marketing.

Return Policy

Since this is a food product, we do not accept returns. We are a small business with limited resources, so we cannot offer refunds. However, if you are unhappy for any reason, let us know about it. Please read customer reviews and make an informed decision about how much chocolate to buy on your first order. We don't want you to be stuck with a large order of chocolate you don't like!

Unsure about whether you will like our chocolate? We offer an affordable mini bar sampler pack that lets you try 14 flavors of our stevia dark chocolate before ordering more. While taste is subjective, make sure to read the "How does our chocolate taste?" section of the about page to get a feel for what we're offering.

Cancellation Policy

If you need to cancel your order before it ships, email orders@purelovechocolate.com and let us know by the Sunday before your order ships. We'll gladly issue a full refund and you'll see a credit on your bank or card statement within a few days.

Missing Package Policy

We cannot refund your order if your package is stolen from your doorstep after it is successfully delivered based on tracking info. It's very rare that this happens, but very sad when it does! Please watch your tracking closely to make sure your package is not sitting out where someone could steal it. If you are not getting tracking info, please contact us and we'll re-send the link as soon as we can.

If you have specific concerns about your package being stolen, please tell us in the order notes and we'll work with you to create a safer way for you to receive your package! You can also leave carrier notes for us to include, or request hold for pickup or signature required service for a small fee.