Awakened™ Almond - Stevia Sweetened Chocolate Bar

These almonds have been woken up! Each one is carefully soaked, sprouted and dehydrated before they're hand sprinkled onto our deliciously rich dark chocolate.

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NO sugar added, no soy, dairy, or gluten. A delicious option for diabetics. Vegan friendly and suitable for Paleo and GAPS diets. Low carb, too.

Hand poured with love. Breaks into 12 pieces of healthy pleasure. Weighs about 1.65oz.

Stevia Chocolate Nutrition Facts


Organic Cacao, Organic Cacao Butter, Awakened™ Almonds (Raw Organic Almonds, Non-iodized Celtic Sea Salt®), Organic Vanilla Bean, Pure Stevia Extract

All ingredients are ethically sourced and Non-GMO

Awakened™ Almond is a trademark of Hummingbird Wholesale

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